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 “Working for Pan American Bank has afforded me an opportunity to expand my own skill set through diversified responsibilities. The company has successfully cultivated a culture which emphasizes customer service and teamwork.”

Loan Processor/Dealer Representative

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We are committed to having a positive impact in the communities we serve in California and where our employees work and live. We deliver funding, in-kind contributions and service to projects in the community that coincide with the efforts of our business mission.

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Pan American Bank,  established in 1925, has a growing presence right here in California’s Central Valley and offers an exciting variety of career opportunities. Explore different career paths and find out more about our available positions currently listed. Contact us at jobs@financeandthrift.com.


We offer competitive compensation and have a full benefits package with a generous 401(k) plan.


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About the position


A Digital Producer is a strange breed - part creative, part technical, part client service - all put together to make the glue that binds the agency together and makes shit happen. The best digital producers seem to be developers who are good on the phone and who feel they have outgrown the bounds of coding all day. (like I said, strange breed) While this position does not require the ability to write code or create something beautiful in photoshop - it does require you to be able to talk the talk and educate the client along the way.


About you


You like to be hands-on, and get them dirty. You are not overwhelmed by problems. You consider the dozen ways in which you can solve them, and make a bold move to pick the one you feel will win the fight. You have a strong desire to learn. You are not a "hot shot", nor have any desire to ever become one. You are open to new challenges, sometimes being in over your head, and from time to time doing tedious work. And most importantly - you have a keen interest in creating useful experiences for the people who want them.




Project ownership throughout our project process

Proactively guide and educate clients through the project process while understanding clients business, goals, users, deliverables and strategies

Manage Teams, Timelines and Project Budgets

Manage a range of mid level digital production assignments, including websites and content.

What you must have


A knowledge of project management mechanics and how to use those mechanics strategically

Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

Be able to create an obtainable plan, execute that plan knowing there will be unexpected obstacles

A natural ability to set expectations, support/motivate your team and lead them

Initiative to figure it out

Knowledge of modern web technologies and process

The basics


Strong organizational skills

Superb written and verbal communication

Sense of ownership and pride in work



At least 1 year of digital or integrated production or project management






A few things you should know...


In 2001, I started a web design company. In the years to come, it would slowly collect the experience and insights to transform from delivering pretty websites, to delivering digital strategies to help businesses grow. The irony, of course --  is that helping yourself grow never ing business, and servicing the business is now a constant battle. You work hard to bring it into the shop, then put your head down to work on it. Then all of a sudden, you look up and it's time to go find more work. It is both exhilarating and exhausting.


Here is what we learned:


We use truth, shared values and transparency to create loyalty with users

We're best suited for values-based companies. These may be:


Challenger & Independent brands - Where they have something to prove

Start Up Ventures - Where differentiation and purpose is paramount

Ideals-based brands - Where the ‘Why’ means a lot more


We need help growing the business with these targets

We are now looking for a seasoned pro who shares our values, and can ultimately find the right potential clients who do as well. We've been doing this for almost 15 years and we've learned a


CMO - Chief Marketing Officer


The role of the CMO is to help grow revenue by connecting the agency’s compelling value to the business needs of the market. It is the job of the CMO to intimately understand this compelling value; what makes us different, and valuable to a client, then create business targets that fit with the agency’s values and offering. The CMO will work closely with the CEO to evolve the agency’s market position to maintain an optimized placement for business development. The CMO will help shape the agency’s message via the marketing materials, PR, speaking engagements, etc. to align with the business development strategy.





Revenue, Planning, and Positioning


Work with CEO to define annual Goal, and Stretch revenue markers

Define and iterate plan to hit markers

Own revenue markers. Work with Finance to adjust monthly

Analyze main sources of revenue, i.e.

What type of service

What kind of client - industry, region, company profile (independent, public, large, small)


Work with Production and Finance to know general margins of individual services

New Business & Marketing











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